Cultural (Cycle) Tour Itinerary

Gentle Cycling plus Village Cultural walk

Looking for the most memorable experience in Bali? This is a truly unique tour where you learn about the culture, the beliefs, the history and get to meet traditional Balinese who live so far from the tourist parts of Bali.  This tour is one of a kind, it's a tour where you can learn as little or as much as you want and profits go to the local primary school.

On this tour there is not much cycling as we stop a lot to take photos of this amazing scenery, see a Bali set back in time, meet the locals, visit the primary school and just soak in this amazing part of Bali.

Full Itinerary

We start by picking you up from your hotel in late model comfortable AC vehicles and head to the beauty of the Kintamani region where you will enjoy a light breakfast/morning tea overlooking the stunning Lake Batur under the shadow of magnificent Mt Batur, a still active volcano.
After your light meal we will ensure you have the correct size dual suspension mountain bikes ready to take you through the small gangs of rural villages (the bikes are the easiest way to see this area). These bikes are designed for comfortable riding so you don't feel the bumps along the small back roads. The childrens' bikes are also dual suspension with shimano gears and disk brakes for complete saftey. Quality helmets are supplied and safety instructions are given.
Kedisan village still has many traditionally made homes which can be viewed on this tour, from grass huts to ornate and beautifully designed family compounds. You can learn how these homes orginated and they are still used today.
Meet the locals and see how life is in a remote village, you can learn about the stages of a Balinese life from birth to death. This part of the tour allows you time to ask questions and really learn about the traditional Balinese customs. As we have lived in this village, you will be welcomed as village guests for the day by all those you meet along the way.
If there is a public (sometimes private such as weddings) ceremony in the village on the day of your tour we will provide traditional Balinese clothing so that you can attend and experience this unique opportunity. Note: the cycling may be cut shorter when you attend a cermony as our tours are an emphasis on you experiencing the culture, not just cycling past the villagers.
On some our tours the villagers approach us for medical care, if the matter is urgent you will be visiting the home of the patient in order for us to administer assistance. Our elderly patients can't generally wait for their assistance.
Step inside the local primary school; let your kids see the difference. C.Bali and their supporters provide books and uniforms for all children in the school. The school building's ongoing maintenance is provided by C.Bali and their supporters. We visit the school just as classes are finishing so not to disturb their studies.
After touring the village you will take a gentle cycle on a small back road past the vegetable farms, stopping many times along the way for breathtaking photos. We consider the bicycles as a environmentally friendly way to see this area, this is not a long bike ride, it is a gentle slow ride with many stops, this is not a downhill cycle. The total cycling distance is approximately 4-5 kms, not riding for more than 1 km at a time. The bikes are just your way to move easily from village to village on the small tracks.
You will end the day with a delicious lunch of fresh produce locally grown, and you can even try the fresh fish from the Lake. Vegetarian options are available.  Halal is not available as this is a 100% Hindu village.
The drive back we will take you past beautiful rice fields and Balinese going about their daily lives. You should arrive back in the South of Bali (Kuta* area) around 3.30-4.00pm (Ubud area 2.-2.30pm).

*note in Peak Season direct hotel drop off is not always possible, we will get you as close as we can
Children: Our smallest bikes are considered youth bikes, they have a 20 inch wheel, the average 8 year old can ride one - but to double check the suitability of your child, measure their inseam (inner leg length), a minimum of 55cm or 22 inches is required to safely ride a 20 inch and have their feet touch the ground.  Our bikes cannot have child seat attachments, nor would it be safe on the off road terrain.

Firstly, you need to be able to ride a bicycle!

In order for us to have little impact on the environment or local farmlands we have not paved paths or changed any of the landscape so that tourists have it easier (sorry).   You’ll be riding over the same paths the locals use.  This means loose rock, soft volcanic sand, uneven terrain, thick bushes and wild animals (joking about the wild animals, but dogs won’t get out of your way).

Sound difficult? No, not at all, you are only riding a total distance of 4kms, with many stops but we do not suggest anyone joining us who has just learnt in the past 6 months how to ride unless they have been practicing every day on gravel roads.   We ride on mainly gravel roads, however there are 3 different routes to take from easy (90% flat, mainly sealed) to moderate (50% hills). 

This is not one of the many downhill rides from Kinatamani to Ubud. This is more of a cultural tour rather than a cycle tour, we just use the bikes as a way to access the small lanes around the villages.

There is an option to do this as a walking tour

Small Group sizes, this tour is only held once a week.Don't Miss out!

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