Canoe Tour Itinerary

Canoeing with Rice Terraces & Mt Batur Volcano photo stops

Canoeing Lake Batur is a magical experience only offered by C.Bali. This experience is not to be missed, canoeing in a volcanic crater 1100 metres above sea level with only local fisherman sharing the Lake is a once in a lifetime experience in Bali.   It's difficult to put into words, you just have to experience this for yourself.

Please note:

Canoeing is strictly a morning activity, tours are held only twice a week so don't miss out.

Full Package Itinerary

We start by picking you up from your hotel around 6.30am (Ubud around 7.30am) in a late model comfortable AC vehicle.
Our first stop is the famous Tegalallang Rice Terraces where you can take photos of this beautiful site.
Your next stop will be in the district of Kintamani where you will stop to take photos of the Magnificent Mt Batur Volcano and have an aerial view of the Lake you will be caneoing on
Next will be the stop at our office at the Lake where before you head out you will enjoy a light breakfast of pancakes and tea/coffee/orange drink overlooking the stunning Lake Batur under the shadow of magnificent Mt Batur, a still active volcano
After Breakfast we take you out on your canoe (inflatable kayak) on the 'holy lake' and share this great experience, only with local fishermen, after paddling out you can literally put your feet up and enjoy the quiet of the Lake. This is an experience only offered by C.Bali and one not to be missed!

You have 2 hours on Lake, and if you show your skills over 1 hour of this time you can go off and explore the Lake on your own.

View Pura Jati Temple 

This view is only possible from the water, we are the only tour company that can offer you a close up and personal view from the Lake of this magnificent temple.

After canoeing a traditional Indonesian lunch awaits you.  You will be able to taste produce grown locally, you may also try the delicious fish fresh from the Lake you have just canoed on if you choose.

Chicken or Vegetarian Options available (note: Halal not available, its a 100% Hindu village).

On the drive back to the South we will pass some of Bali's most beautiful scenery. You will be back in your Hotel in the South of Bali (Kuta* area) around 3.00pm, Ubud around 2.00pm.

*note in Peak Season direct hotel drop off is not always possible, we will get you as close as we can

More Information

Our Group sizes is strictly a maximum of 6 people, this includes children

If you have more than 6  people you will need to split your group and do tours on different days.  We cannot accommodate 2 groups in one day.


The amount of physical effort required for these tours is medium.For example, you need to be able to walk to the Lake carrying your canoe (12kgs including your gear - 150 metres), you then have 2 hours of paddling (if calm conditions you will not need to paddle the whole time).

These trips are suited to just about anyone, even younger kids (with 2 adults). No experience required. Whether you’ve done the activity before or it’s your first ever time ever canoeing you can join us, training will be provided.

If you are worried about your fitness level, try our Combined Tourit only has 1 hour of canoeing and a very easy ride/walk

Firstly – no-one is carrying your canoe or gear for you!  In order for us to have little impact on the environment or local farmlands we have not built pontoons, jetties, paved paths or changed anything so that tourists have it easier (sorry). This means you will walk to the Lake over loose rock, soft volcanic sand, uneven terrain, thick bushes and wild animals (joking about the wild animals, but the bugs will be there).  You’ll do all of this while carrying your canoe on your head (Balinese style)**. 

Sound difficult?
No, not at all, you are only carrying your canoe 200 meters, it only weighs 12 kgs (some of your shopping probably weighs more).  But you need to be able to have your arms over your head for that time. ** 

** If you have any injuries that prevent you from carrying your canoe, firstly make sure that injury will not be aggravated by paddling for 1-2 hours, then contact us before booking and we can discuss your options so you can still join us.

Children (aged 7-12 years) are not expected to carry a canoe but will assist in carrying their gear (paddle, lifejacket etc).

Small Children aged 4-6 are welcome and do not need to carry anything, however children are expected to be able to walk (not carried) as the parents will be carrying their canoe/gear. Please be aware the terrain to the Lakes entrance is slightly rocky.

If you or your 4-6 year old are tall they will need to be charged as a normal child as they will not fit in a boat with 2 adults

Babies are not permitted on tour.

Combine This Tour with our Cycling (Cultural Tour)

Combine This Tour with a Sunrise Mt Batur volcano climb

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