About Us

Our Story

We are a Western couple that moved to Bali over 10 years ago to live in the village of Kedisan, Kintamani and live a traditional Balinese Lifestyle

About Us

We currently live in South of Bali (not in a tourist area) but feel very lucky to have lived in Kedisan for the first 5 years of our over 10 years living in Bali.

We learn't so much in our time in a traditional village that we chose a similar village in the South, we are again the only Westerners in our village and we live within and a big part of the community.

We don't live in a fancy villa, we know all our neighbours, we speak both Bahasa Indonesian and the local language Basa Bali (although the dialect is different in the South, so we are having learn Basa Bali all over again).

Our mission

Our mission is to take small groups of tourists into the area so the locals in Kedisan village can once again gain trust from strangers (tourists were not welcomed for many years); and to make steps towards environmental quality and a sustainable future for the community. The primary school is our main focus where we work to build the capacity of the village children to one day take on our business and continue the fight for sustaining traditional Balinese culture and the beautiful lanscape they live in.

We wish to bring awareness of this beautiful area of Bali by bringing small groups of tourists to the area with as little environmental and cultural impact as possible.


Our Goal

Our goal is to help the community of Kedisan with environmental and non environmental issues, bringing employment opportunities through better sustainable tourism practices and education and improving the welfare of the community of Kedisan without impacting on their culture. We focus on building the capacity of the villages by providing better schooling and resources and listening to to their needs and learning from their Eastern values.


Our Motto

Responsible and Sustainable Tourism is when Tourists adapt to the place they are visiting and do not expect the place to adapt to them.

Why choose our Tours?

Our tours are unique, there isn't another tour in Bali where you can have the best of both worlds; meet traditional Balinese, learn about their customs, beliefs etc yet have it all explained to you in as much detail as you want by Westerners who have been living this way for years. Our tours flow naturally depending on which locals you meet on the day, many invite you into their homes. Nothing is scripted, no tour is the same, and there are often times when guests are involved in ceremonies etc.

What do our Guests say about our tours?

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