Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions, together with the answers are found below


Do you have tandum bikes?
No; part of our ride is off road and we walk them through small lanes with tight corners, tandum bikes are not suitable for those conditions.
Do you supply child seats?
Is the ride difficult?
I am not a confident rider, I have only just learnt to ride bike, can I do this tour?
I have a bad back and your riding conditions seem harsh, can I do this ride?


I can't swim, can I still do one of your tours?
You do not need to know how to swim, not only are you provided with a life-jacket, the inflatable canoes have a no tip system so the boat cannot tip over. You will not be going in the water past knee deep.
I have never canoed before, can I do one of your tours?
I am not very fit, can I do this tour
Can I bring a baby in the canoe?


Can I email you my reservation?
All bookings are done via our online Booking system, this means we have all the information we require for your pick up and our Tour Dates & Availability page is updated automatically so there are no double bookings. Unless the deposit is paid we do not receive the booking details.
Can I book the day before a tour?
Why do I need to pay a deposit?
What if I need to cancel but can do it another date?
The date I want is not in the Calendar, this is the only date I can do, can you change the dates?
I want to book for a tour in 6 months time but your calendar doesn't go that far, what can I do?
I would like to book, the only problem is that I do not know where I will be located, can I sill book?
I don't have a paypal account, how do I pay?
I don't want to pay a deposit, can't I just pay you cash on the day?
Can you pick me up and one hotel and drop me at another?


What is the weather like where the tour is held
Always a least 50% less humidity than South Bali. Wet Season is December to mid May.  Average Low of 14 degrees, High of 28 degrees
What is the weather like in the wet season?
In the raining season will I need a rain jacket?
If raining, will the tour be cancelled?
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