C.Bali are honored to be a part of the school and to be able to hand out awards at the School Graduation every year of Kedisan Primary School

 A big congratulations to all classes - Class 1 - 6 all passed and head on to their next year level - that is 100% of the children passed their exams, what an amazing achievement.

A big thanks to our regular donors, Vicky & Dennis Jeffers for the balance of monies to purchase our statue for the school.

Dewi Saraswati, Goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning

Saraswati is celebrated as a feminine deity with healing, purifying powers of abundant, flowing waters.

The goddess Saraswati is depicted as a beautiful woman dressed in pure white, we have her standing on a white lotus, which symbolizes light, knowledge and truth.    She not only embodies knowledge but also the experience of the highest reality. Her iconography is typically in white themes from dress to flowers to swan – the colour symbolizing Sattwa Guna or purity, discrimination for true knowledge, insight and wisdom.

She has four arms,  those hands symbolically mirror her husband Brahma's four heads, 1.representing mind, sense, 2.intellect, reasoning, 3 imagination, creativity and 4. self consciousness, ego. Brahma represents the abstract, she action and reality.

The four hands hold items with symbolic meaning — book or script, rosary, a water pot and a musical instrument. The book she holds represents the universal, divine, eternal, and true knowledge as well as all forms of learning. A rosasy  representing the power of meditation, inner reflection and spirituality. A pot of water represents powers to purify the right from wrong, the clean from unclean, and the essence from the misleading. In some texts, the pot of water is symbolism for the drink that liberates and leads to knowledge. The musical instrument  represents all creative arts and sciences and her holding it symbolizes expressing knowledge that creates harmony. 

Saraswati is also associated with the love for and rhythm of music, which represents all emotions and feelings expressed in speech or music.

A swan located next to her feet. In Hindu mythology, the swan is a sacred bird, which if offered a mixture of milk and water, is said to be able to drink the milk alone. It thus symbolizes discrimination between the good from the bad, the essence from the superficial, the eternal from the evanescent. The swan is also a symbolism for spiritual perfection and transcendence.

A peacock is shown beside the goddess. The peacock symbolizes colorful splendor, celebration of dance, and peacock's ability to eat poison (snakes) yet transmute from it a beautiful plumage


She is usually depicted near a flowing river or near a water body, which may be related to her early history as a river goddess, we chose a fishpond and have filled it with fish.


A big thanks to our regular donors, Vicky & Dennis Jeffers for the 3 very large bags of toothbrushes and toothpaste (over 300 pieces) and educational material for our dental Hygiene day to be held in July in the new semester, each child will receive a new toothbrush and tube of toothpaste with their new year school supplies (donated by the Royal Perth Navy)

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Another year has passed and we have just had our second Graduating Class with all year 6's passing their exams and all will be going on to Highschool in July 2014.10450424_727524780648322_2356241305364359152_n

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Vicki & Dennie Jeffers were back again in 2013 to give us 2 large boxes of medical supplies and donate to our school paving.  We thank you for your ongoing support.  Again, a coupl e that did our tour nearly 4 years ago.

Trevor & Jackie Syme were back in Bali and donated 30 brand new towels and 20 boxes of pandol and 10 Berocca vitamin C packets.  They did out tour nearly 5 years ago and still continue to support the work we do in the village, thanks again guys.  We have also had many other guests join our tour and bring with the clothes.  We have even had people such as Helen from Australia who contacted us even though she hasn't done a tour and donated a full bag of clothes. Then there is Heather from Perth who heard about us so knitted 40 beanies for the kids and had all her neighbours knitting through the winter, so we met Heather and she gave us 6 bags of knitted goods for the villagers.  Thanks for all your support and to everyone that has donated goods this year.

What a Milestone!  June 2013 we had a first Grads, our 2012/13 year 6 class, oh how they have grown, all have passed on gone on to Highschool, the exam scores were high and every one of our 22 kids are now attending Kintamani Highschool.  Its 14 kms away and they are travelling there by small truck but they are loving it (not sure how much they will love that when the raining season comes) but we will work that one out soon.







School Supplies this year were donated by the Western Australian Naval Golf Team, thanks guys and thanks for coming all the way to ABali to present them.  The children welcomed the guys with a perfornance of Balinese Traditional Dance

Kindergarden class, school supplies donated by a group that did our tour this year from Australia
Kids waiting patiently for their school supplies
Year 1's receiving their school supplies
Western Australian Naval Golf Team with some of the kids

We again have to thank Vicky and Dennis Jeffers for this years medical supplies.  C.Bali do all the western medical care for Kedisan Village and use a lot of medical supplies.  Without the ongoing support of people like Vicky & Dennis we would not have such advanced supplies and instruction for the medical work we administer.  They are also on call for all the photos we send them for consultation by Australian doctors for treatment. We also received a large supply of Pandaol and Beroco Vitamin C for the villagers from Trevor & Jackie Syme.

New Year!  Happy New Year Bali 23 March 2012

After 5 years of begging, meetings, negotationg, pleading, crying, we finally have RUBBISH BINS in the village, the Mayor of the Region has given in to us!  At first we were told that we were getting Palm Trees, What the?  But on the 14 March, like a gift from the gods our rubbish bins arrived in the village........now to get the rubbish to be removed from the bins........baby steps.

We'd like to give thanks to those that helped us start this year with some generous donations:  

5 soccor balls - Greg & Vicki
20 tennis balls - Greg & Vicki
School supplies for every child (126 children + 9 teachers) (from our favourite 10 Australians (c/o of Trev & Jackie), the same donors who donated last years school uniforms
Towels x 24 - Trev & Jackie
Towels x 5 - Linda S
Warm tops - Linda S
Incense for prayer - Linda S
Consultation of Mother and Baby - Dr Julian
Consultation of 95 year old lady with had injury - Dr Julian 

Photos to come.....

 Milestones reached in 2011.


We now have every child in school!!!  Yay, 126 children now attend the school, that took 6 years but we got there.

We now have had the Kindergarten running for 12 months

After school classes for special needs children in Maths & Bahasa Indonesian - 3 times per week

After school dance classes - 2 times per week

Running water to the school (and toilets)

0003.jpgC.Bali spent 27 July 2008 purchasing 'sandals' (thongs) for the 105 children that attend the Kedisan Junior school.

In order to spread the money around, thongs were purchased from every Warung (store) in Kedisan so that the donations were spread to as many small businesses as possible, it took a whole day to purchase and sort them into sizes.


The following Monday, 3 August, 2008, C.Bali had the joy of being able to hand out the 105 pairs to the children and watch their faces light up.



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