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We will update this regularly to help all visitors to Bali - current as at 30 November 2017

Flight Delays

Airport Closures

Visa Issues


Everything You Need to Know

Flight Cancellations

It is very important that you have the correct email address with your airline and you check regularly, or you have a phone with you and they have the correct phone number to send you a text.  They generally send you a cancellation, the only time you don’t get one, is when the flight is due to leave in the next 2-3 hours.

Flight rescheduling

When the airport has been closed, even for a day, as soon as it opens there is a backlog, so you may not be on a flight as soon as it opens.  Sometimes airlines reschedule you for 1 week later. This is where the insurance you got for ASH DELAYS was so important to cover your extended holiday in Bali.  Flight reschedules will also be sent to you via text or email.

Airport Closures

Your airline will most likely NOT let you know this information, so you need to check with the Indonesian travel information site for Special Announcements so you don’t have to go to the airport to find out  If you need to ring the airport to check you can Mt Agung Command Post at Ngurah Rai International Airport:  (0361) 9351011 ext:6300 (have someone local ring for you)

Consular Assistance

If you need any consular assistance at the airport you will find consular staff from South Korea, China, Australia, Poland, German, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, Singapore, India and Japan are standing by at the Command Post, Departure Terminal of the Ngurah Rai International Airport on the 2nd floor

Visa Overstay

In Indonesia you are fined daily if your overstay the lentgh of your visa.

To avoid the fine, in case you are in Bali longer than your visa allows, the current procedure is that on the day or day before your 30 day VOA tourist visa expires you must go and get a 14 day emergency visa if your flight is not scheduled yet or scheduled after your 30 day visa expires.  Otherwise you will pay an over stay of 300,000IDR per day. 

If the airport is closed and this delays your flight (meaning you are on a flight as soon as it opens and your delay was not from your airline cancelling, or delaying due to backlog etc) then showing your orginal ticket (flight details) wil mean that you will not pay the overstay fee.  It is better to get to the airport earlier and go upstairs and have the Immigration people stamp your visa to avoid any hassles at check-in.

To obtain the 14 day visa you need to have proof of cancellation in writing, that it was cancelled by the airline, not just you changing your mind and wanting to have an extended holiday in Bali.

For assistance with this emergency visa go to the Indonesian immigration service, which is also located at the Airline Gunung Agung Command Post on the 2nd Floor, International Terminal of the Ngurah Rai International Airport to provide further assistance.

Note: if you have a VOA free tourist visa and you want to fly out of another airport, you need to ensure you also go the Immigration office at Bali Airport, as the free VOA is only for some airports in Indonesia, so check with Immigration on the 2nd floor that your visa will be acceptable at the destination in Indonesia you wish to go to.

Culture when speaking to authorities here in Bali and Indonesia

This is important!  We have a very different culture here to the West.  Customs officials, any government officials, police officers etc are used to be talked to with respect, they are used a culture where we are humble, we do not raise our voice and we dress formally when we visit their Offices.  So, showing up in a Bintang Singlet and yelling that you must get home will not get you anywhere, in fact you may find yourself sleeping on the floor at the airport and no-one willing to help you.
Please take this in mind. 
*We do not raise our voices,
*we respect their authority,
*we use Sir or Madam and we bow our head when we address Officials. 
* we dress covering shoulders and knees

Alternative ways out of Bali

FREE Direct bus transportation with the capacity of 40 pax per bus to Juanda International Airport, Surabaya is available at the Ngurah Rai International Airport including one meal. The trip will take around 12-14 hours. 

The rate from Mengwi Terminal Bus Station to Surabaya's Juanda Airport varies from IDR 220.000 (around 17 USD), IDR 250.000 (19 USD) and IDR 350.000 (26 USD).

Lombok is another choice, but not one we suggest due to wind direction and how close it is to Bali. You would not be able to fly to anywhere else besides maybe Singapore and the ash cloud moves across to Lombok often (at time of writing the Lombok Airport is currently closed due to ash). Also, you need to take a boat to get there and January tides and weather condition commonly cause rough seas.  The seas are continually rough in the wet season and the boats often do not run.

Letting your family know you are safe

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