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True: Mt Batur is a volcano

False: Kintamani is a volcano

True: Kintamani is the district where Mt Batur volcano is located, there is also a village called Kintamani in the district of Kintamani.


False :You can cycle down from the volcano, 
True: You can however cycle from the caldera rim overlooking the caldera that Mt Batur volcano and Lake Batur are located in

Fact: we do not offer this tour, but 52 other companies do and we suggest trying a ride as well as ours, if you have time and looking for more things to do in Bali. They all follow the fairly same itinerary, unlike our tour which is a shorter ride with much more cultural information, lots of stops and meeting the locals and designed for those that really want to immerse themselves in the culture.

False: Mt Batur last erupted in 2000
True: Mt Batur last erupted in February 2009,

Fact: we were there, was only ash and rocks for 11 days but it was closed for climbing for 3 months and disrupted flights.

False: There are only 2 volcanoes in Bali
True: Only Mt Batur and the mother volcano Mt Agung are currently active.

Fact: There are actually many volcanoes in Bali, however luckily for everyone all dormant and now are known as mountains. Mt Abung (which is the mountain you also see from the lookout on the caldera) is the only mountain in Bali that is not in fact a volcano

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