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For newcomers to Bali

So, you fly into Denpasar, I mean that’s what it said when you booked.  However, the airport, “Ngurah Rai” is actually not in Denpasar, which can be confusing to newcomers, even today with Google Maps etc some newcomers still get caught out. 

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“Laws are sand; customs are rock. Laws can be evaded and punishment escaped, but an openly transgressed custom brings sure punishment. The penalty may be unfair, unrighteous, illogical, and a cruelty; no matter, it will be inflicted, just the same. Certainly, then, there can be but one wise thing for a visiting stranger to do — find out what the country's customs are, and refrain from offending against them.” Mark Twain

In Bali we have two Laws, the Civil Law that governs your holiday here, it covers everything from Imigration to Drivers Licenses, liquor licences etc; and then there is Desa Adat Law (Village Customary law).

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