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When to come to Bali

Bali is great all the time. The peak of the wet season is Nov-Feb, but you will still get some great weather in those months, just expect a lot of rain at night and maybe during the day (expect high humidty in November-December)

If you are interested in something completely unique to Bali, here are some dates you may wish to consider.

Nyepi Day of Silence

Balinese New Year, 24 hours of airport closure (that’s right, you cannot fly in or out of Bali on this day), tourists cannot leave their hotel grounds, no one can go on the streets, boats cannot dock in Bali.  Oh dear!  No, it’s great!

Upcoming Dates:

Nyepi Eve - 16 March 2018 (Ogoh Ogoh Parades)

Nyepi Day – 17 March 2018 (Day of Silence)


Galungan to Kunningan

Galungun, this is an amazing time to see Bali, all Balinese homes and business will decorate their homes with Penjors, held every 210 days, its worth getting a driver to take you out to the villages just to see the beauty and craftsmanship of these poles (as per photo above).  You can learn about the meaning of these on our culture tours.

Upcoming Dates: 

30 May 2018 to 9 June 2018

December 26th, 2018 to January 5th, 2019 

We are holding a tour for this Special Day


What makes Bali Unique

Bali is famous for surf and fun, but it is a Cultural Destination, unique to other parts of the world. Religion plays a huge part in the daily lives of the Balinese people.


Religion is the number one priority to the Balinese people, their culture is based on a Religion rich in diversity which stems from Buddhism, Hinduism and Animism.  It is unique to anywhere else in the world apart from some very small parts of Indonesia.

Although the Balinese are called Hindus, the Hinduism practiced in India today is nothing like the Bali of today. Bali is unique and their ceremonies are full of colour and fun, if you have an opportunity to witness a ceremony you are truly blessed.

The Island in recent times has had a influx of many other religions, people have come from all over Indonesia to settle in wonderful Bali, so on your travels you will meet people who are Christian, Catholic, Muslim and Buddhist. Bali is welcoming to all religions. 

The Country of Indonesia is majority Muslim, please take that into consideration when you visit Bali. Please dress modestly.

You can learn more about Balinese and their unique religion on our Cultural Tour.



You can't go anywhere in Bali without seeing Temples, they are everywhere.  Small shrines are located in front of most businesses, family homes have Temples at the front and every village has at least 3 main impressive Temples.

Temples, unlike churches are not where daily prayer is done, daily prayer (offerings) will be given at the smaller shrines, and private prayer is done at home, and even before eating.

Do not enter any temples in Bali without invitation, you will need to be dressed in Traditional Adat Clothing to enter a Temple.



You can't go anywhere in Bali without seeing offerings, on the street, in the middle of the street, on the beach, in restaurants, at the front desk of your hotel, they are everywhere.

Do not be too concerned if you step on an offering, the essence is gone as soon as it has been placed and offered.

Balinese offer every day to the spirits, you can learn more about this on our Culture Tour


Beaches, Volcanos, Rice Terraces, waterfalls, jungles

Bali's has so much to offer, whether you like beaches or rice terraces, jungle and waterfalls, Bali has it all  It is also a great base to go Island hopping.  Make sure you see more of Bali than just the one spot, the climate is different all over the Island as well, so it is cooler in the mountains, it is hot and drier in the far South.

Try not to overplan your trip, wait to you get here to check the weather and if it's too hot or too cold, or too wet or too dry just go to another part of the Island.


Unique Culture/Laws

In Bali we have two Laws, the Civil Law that governs your holiday here, it covers everything from Imigration to Drivers Licenses, liquor licences etc; and then there is Desa Adat Law (Village Customary law).

Laws in Indonesia are quite strict, it is important to understand them before you come as they will be different to your home country.  

The Do's and Don't at the bottom if this page also cover more on this.

Tips for Planning Your Bali Holiday

First Time To Bali, we have some Tips

Do's and Don'ts in Bali

It's important to know these to make your holiday more enjoyable

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